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High Adventures
Chimney Tops


Trail Desrciption:

Length: 2 miles (4 roundtrip)
Difficulty: Strenuous
Highlights: Spectacular views, streams
      This trail begins 22 miles north of Oconaluftee Vistior Center or 6.7 from Sugarlands.  There will be a parking lot between the lower tunnel and the loop. The trail begins in the parking lot.  This hike climbs a little over 1000 feet in two miles.  Views at the peak or great, but can be dangerous if precaution isn't taken.  At .9 mile you pass the junction with Road Prong Trail.  The trail continues climbing for another .7 miles, then flattens out.  There is a sign at the top of the pinnacle warning hikers.  You can take an alternate path to the right which accesses the top of the rock.  From here you can see Newfound Gap road and Mt.Leconte.  To return take the same route

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