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High Adventures
newfound gap -charles bunion


Trail Description:

Length: 4.0 miles (8.0 roundtrip)
Difficulty: moderate-strenous
Highlights: GREAT VIEWS!!!!
     This trail lies in the heart of the Smokies and is filled with many great views.  A favorite of mine and one that anyone can do.  It begins in the Newfound Gap parking lot near the bathrooms at the Appalachian trailhead.  You start off with a continous climb but don't give up, the views are worth it.  At 1.7 miles you reach the junction with Sweat Heifer Creek Trail.  Continue along the Appalachian Trail.  At 2.7 miles you reach the junction with the Boulevard Trail which will be on your left.  Again continue on past Icewater Spring Shelter which is 3.4 miles (Great views here.).  After Icewater the trail descends for about .6 miles until you reach Charles Bunioun.  A trail leads to the top, but be very careful beacause it is rocky terrian.  This is a great place to eat lunch or have a snack.  Continue back via the same route

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