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High Adventures
Deep Creek Trail


Trail Description:
         Deep Creek Trail

        The Deep Creek trailhead is 1.7 miles south of Newfound Gap.  A paved parking lot is about 500 feet south of the trailhead.  Starting out at an elevation of about 4750 ft, you immediately descend into the forest valley.  The trail continues to descend steeply throug the valley.  You begin to see small tributaries slowly feeding into each other to become larger and larger.  That is what is so interesting about this hike is to watch Deep Creek grow as your elevation lowers and lowers.  At about 2.5 mile you are a couple of hundred feet above the creek experiencing great views.  Within in the next mile you are drawn closer to the stream.  Deep Creek is well known for its fly fishing.  At 3.9 miles you reach the junction with Fork Ridge trail and Campsite #53.  If you are making this a two-nighter this would be a good place to spend your first night.  The campsite lies right beside  Deep Creek. However i have heard this site is known for it's bears.  As you continue the Creek will lie on your right for several more miles. At 6.5 miles you reach campsite #54, from here on there is a campsite every 1/2 mile.  Depending on progress you can decide where you want to stay.  But I will tell you some of these are horse sites also and they STINK!!!!!  Campsite #60 is where we stayed and it was nice.  It can be crowded at time but is very spread out to accomidate.  From #60 its only about 2.5 miles back into Deep Creek Campground.  You pass by some great waterfalls in the campground so make sure you have your camera

Deep Creek Trail
Length---------14.3 miles
Difficulty------ easy to moderate
Highlights----Stream and waterfall views

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